Hypnotherapy Coaching for Professionals

When I first became a hypnotherapist, I wish I could have had a support system in my corner, guiding me in my first months or years of practice.

With this in mind, I now offer hourly coaching sessions and general assistance to novices and professionals alike who may desire guidance with their inductions, the use of behavior modification techniques, or handling particularly tricky cases.

In my professional career, I've come across many individuals who wanted to learn more about hypnotherapy. Some were just starting out and others were more experienced in their profession. Many of these people had different backgrounds - they were often counselors, therapists, ministers, hypnotists (clinical/stage hypnotists) and students with a psychology background or a strong interest in psychology as a career. Some were interested in using hypnosis as a self-healing tool, while others wanted to use it conversationally in public speaking or in their therapy practice.

Whatever level my students are on, I taught them my techniques as I've applied them in my practice. Of particular interest, from feedback I've received, is how I've managed to deal with the most difficult clients, specifically. I would explain to them how 'deep hypnosis' really worked to bring about healing for the client.

In addition, I teach my students my 'waking hypnosis' technique, which is particularly effective when working with a client who is not amenable to undergoing traditional hypnosis. I also coach students on how to 'induce' a potential client over the telephone during an initial free consultation or as soon as the client walks in through the door-to start the healing process before the client even lies down to start the session! These techniques can be used in situations such as public speaking when the need for persuasion is a factor.

If you have read my book, Clinical Hypnosis: Why and How It Works, and would like to put what you learned to work, I also offer individual coaching sessions and package deals at reasonable rates. With each session, the student will be given the opportunity of experiencing the JOImethodTM technique first-hand, if desired.

For more information on one-on-one or group coaching, give me a call at 9917 7405 or e-mail me at: