Using the JOImethod?

For both beginner and advanced students of clinical hypnosis, this course is designed to develop one?s conscious and subconscious mind to think, behave and operate as a healer.

At the end of this course, the student will not only know how to hypnotize anyone (whether through sleeping or waking hypnosis) but he or she will become the ultimate healer using a revolutionary technique called the JOImethod? as developed by the instructor.

The student of this course should have the goal of helping the client heal instead of the intention of just receiving a certification upon completion (this is very important).

What each student receives in this course?

What would the student learn upon completion of this course? PRACTICAL learning of the following?

This course will usually take up to two weeks to complete and costs $475.

Note: John?s guarantee means that he will personally work with the student until he or she is comfortable enough to hypnotize anybody even if it takes longer than two weeks!