High Blood Pressure

According to WebMd: The human heart has been registered to beat 100,000 times each day, and while doing so it pumps blood with force through the body's blood vessels – which are mainly the arteries, veins and capillaries. This action plus the body’s resistance to the blood together create what is called “blood pressure”. When blood pressure is too high, it can damage the vessels and restrict blood flow to vital organs. (Go to, key phrase “high blood pressure” or “hypertension”). Normal blood pressure is considered to be in the range of 140/90 to 120/80 or below. Maintaining healthy blood pressure may help prevent eye and kidney damage, stroke, heart failure and other serious problems.

How can Hypnosis help reduce high blood pressure?

Oftentimes people cause themselves problems with their own eating and living habits – such as, by putting too much salt in their diet and/or not getting the proper amount of rest. A person with high blood pressure would need to eliminate salty food, junk food, sugary food, sodas, canned and pork products from their diet, among other things. This oftentimes requires a significant lifestyle change, which is not always easy to adopt. Hypnosis would allow you to stick to the diet that you were given by your doctor and help you to relax before, during and after your visits to your doctor. Learning simple relaxation techniques and attending hypnosis sessions in between visits to the doctor can bring surprisingly positive results to your blood pressure reading.

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