Questioned Document Examination

What is a Questioned Document Examiner (QDE)?

It is one who detects, deciphers and authenticate handwriting that has been questioned.

Is a QDE the same as a Handwriting Analyst?

No they are not the same. A QDE authenticates two or more different documents. Handwriting Analysts measure personality characteristics of individuals. However, it would be helpful if a QDE knew how to measure personality via Handwriting Analysis to give him or her and also the Client that extra edge.

What type of documents would a Questioned Document Examiner Examine?

Any type of handwritten forgeries - Wills, Signatures, Letters and Checks.

How often would a forged document case go to court?

Experts say only 1 in 7 cases would go to court. Oftentimes, just the fact that there is a QDE on the case would back the opposition party down.

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