Decision Making/ Assertiveness / Self-Motivation/ Self-Discipline/ Confidence Building

The ability to make decisions is a very important and essential element in a person’s life. Each day a person is confronted with decision making challenges, however big or small. “Should I buy this house now or wait till later?”, “Should I go for a career change?”, “Should I date this woman/man?”. When people are indecisive, they could cause themselves problems such as stress, tension, anxieties, and unnecessary worrying. Stress and tension may consequently cause headaches/migraines, while anxieties and worrying may weaken the immune system causing the advent of common colds among other things. In the Webster’s New World Dictionary, assertiveness is given the following definition: “one who is persistently positive or confident”. If there is a lack of positiveness or confidence, a person’s life could become one of dependence on others and, worse still, addictive substances in the attempt to boost confidence. Cases of lack of self-motivation, self-discipline and self-confidence are handled similarly, as they stem from similar issues. In all cases, it is necessary to go through a process of confidence building and channeling of positive energy for effective results.

How can Hypnotherapy help with assertiveness training and decision making?

Education is essential in developing the critical skill of effective decision making, and in learning how to prioritize/ acknowledge when to or when not to make a decision. Self-Motivation, discipline and confidence are also absolutely essential as traits which help us reach our intended goals in life. Assertiveness is similarly achieved by focusing on boosting positivism and self-confidence.

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