Child Hypnosis

Most parents who bring their children to hypnotherapy sessions are doing so for a few select reasons, such as to increase study habits and grades in school, for sports performance enhancement, behavior modification or to strengthen their immune system. One other factor which urges parents to seek a hypnotherapistís assistance is the fact that today more and more of our children are becoming overweight, and parents are increasingly concerned about this issue.

What role would hypnotherapy have in this case?

Depending on the clientís needs, the hypnotherapy sessions are geared towards modifying negative behavior, and bettering study habits for the achievement of higher grades in school via memory recall techniques and programming in the client the desire to study. In the case of sports performance enhancement, visualization has in many cases proven to be excellent for this purpose. Work on strengthening the immune system and achieving weight loss is conducted through a combination of hypnosis sessions and a general lifestyle change (taking up new hobbies/ interests, changing food habits, increasing exercise, etc.) geared towards warding off allergies, colds and other viruses. One also cannot stress enough the importance of education that would greatly benefit the clients and their parents.

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