Relationship Coaching & Dating Consulting

There are more and more people dating than ever before. Chat rooms on the internet, online and offline dating services, social groups and organizations, and churches are becoming widely popular in the search for the ideal mate. A recent survey states that so much as 200 million people are surfing the net in the United States alone. Of these 200 million, the majority are women between the ages of 35 and 42. The next largest group consists of women between the ages of 25 and 32. Most of these people are online looking for a “soul mate”. With so many opportunities and avenues to take, it is no wonder that people are becoming more confused than ever. The ironic part is that technology has grown by leaps and bounds but we as sociable animals have all but remained old fashioned. We are still using the outdated social skills that our parents have taught us to survive in a society that is becoming increasingly complex in these matters.

As we progress beyond the dating scene and finally find somebody we want to share our lives with – the challenges do not just stop here. As important as finding one’s mate is the ability to keep that mate for life. Relationships face daily obstacles that require extreme skill in dealing with adversity and the art of compromise. This is the only way to ensure success in the way we live with others.

What does relationship and dating consulting involve?

Clients are first and foremost taught advanced dating skills and they are educated on how to consciously recognize the mate they are attracted to. Many topics of interest will be discussed – such as the real reason why we are attracted to the opposite personality of ourselves and the basic but all important differences between men and women. These differences are heightening stress in many relationships, and refusing to recognize them will cause arguments which may lead to breakup of the relationship. During consultations, hypnosis is used only if there are self-confidence, self-motivation or assertiveness issues.

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