What is Depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that could be triggered by a chemical imbalance, stressful or emotional situations, family situations and/ or a lack of social support. The cause of depression is not entirely clear from the medical standpoint. It has been stated that one cause may be a genetic one (it runs in the family) and it has also happened that some people could have it and not realize that they do.

From a body syndrome standpoint, depression may stem from feelings of hopelessness or anger.

How do you know when you have depression?

If you have frequent symptoms of sadness, low energy, irritability, anger, lack of interest in daily activities, feelings of seclusion, hopelessness, and a feeling of not wanting to be bothered, you may have depression.

How would hypnotherapy help depression?

Oftentimes, depressed people feel challenged by their daily life and the stress of life. This is mainly because they have never been taught how to handle adversity. Hypnotherapy could help depression in two ways: it could help one to develop the skills to handle one's obstacles in life. It could also assist in developing and strengthening a positive energy flow which is essential to a truly healthy and stress free lifestyle.

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