What is Deprogramming?

When a person is in a group or cult (religious, political, social, etc.) and feels that his or her ideas and thoughts are controlled via mind control, brainwashing, coercive persuasion, or thought reform by the group or by an individual and such person or his or her loved ones would like to break this cycle – deprogramming may be needed.

Who uses Deprogrammers?

The parents of children – teenagers or adults – who feel that their child has been controlled by a cult or an individual and want their children back. Sometimes the victims make the contact – he or she may want out but just don’t know how to break this powerful cycle of control.

How does Deprogramming work?

In the old days, parents of cult victims would kidnap their children or hire Deprogrammers to kidnap their children and keep them hostage for a period of time while the Deprogrammer would ‘break’ the mental control of the cult or charismatic cult leader. Today, there is no kidnapping involved. If the parents cannot convince the cult victim or the cult victim doesn’t come of his own free will, there would be no deprogramming done. The tools that are commonly used to deprogram are counseling, therapy and hypnosis.

How does hypnotherapy assist in the deprogramming process?

Like any other health related or non- health related issue, hypnosis works by by-passing the conscious mind and deprogramming and reprogramming (“re-wiring”) the subconscious mind – thus breaking the cycle of control.

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