Dream Analysis

We always dream when we are asleep, even when we donít remember what we dreamt. In fact, our dreams last approximately 90 minutes during an 8 hour sleep. In psychology, we read that words are a form of left brain communication, while dreams are forms of right brain communication. There are three stages of dreams. The first state is the processing state (or wishful thinking). This is when the mind is accepting and processing the information for the day. The second state is the predictive state, which consists of the mind making predictions about its future. The third state, and most important for the purposes of dream analysis, is the venting state. This state represents events, traumas, doubts and fears that one is removing from oneís past or present.

How can Dream Analysis work with Hypnotherapy?

A hypnotherapist may analyze a dream to help a client make sense of his or her life. From the therapeutic angle, the interpretation could possibly assist the client in realizing why he or she may be still affected and controlled by their past.

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