Habit Control / Lifestyle Change

Habits, habits, habits - they are everywhere! There are some behaviors that we know about and others that we do know about, but do not realize that they are habitual habits and have become practically “automatic”. Habits come in two types: bad habits and good habits. There are good habits, which are integrated in our daily lives, such as tying our shoe laces in the morning or washing our hands before we eat. Then there are the bad, destructive habits, such as substance abuse (addiction), nail biting, and smoking. Scientists say that habits can be created in as little as 21 days. That means if one does one particular thing consistently and everyday for 21 days, more than likely this new thing will become a habit. Lifestyle change is key to change behavior in cases where one has created a ‘bad’ habit for oneself in such a way that this habit is negatively affecting one’s life and that of one’s family or loved ones.

How can Hypnotherapy help in overcoming bad habits and creating a lifestyle change?

The hypnotherapeutic approach has proven successful in many such cases and is specifically designed to target the subconscious mind, causing it to weaken or eradicate the negative habit altogether. Hypnosis also assists in reverse cases where there is a positive habit one wants to create or reinforce. In fact, a lifestyle change is nothing more than the process of altering one's actions and perceptions by eliminating bad habits and replacing them with new, positive habits, which are synonymous with a healthy way of living.

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