Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis is finally becoming recognized as the true science it really is. Many years ago, it was considered a pseudoscience but it is now being accepted as a diagnostic tool in business, criminology, and medicine. It has also been used and is still being used today - in law enforcement as a profiling tool to measure and gauge personality. This technique allows the analyzer to understand the true person in both a public and a private setting. Some of the characteristics that could be measured are sociability, extroversion or introversion, optimism or pessimism, adaptability, and other personality traits.

How does handwriting analysis work with hypnotherapy?

Handwriting analysis is used as a test to measure hypnotic suggestibility. There are two different ways to make suggestions within hypnotherapy. These are: direct and indirect communication. After the degree of suggestibility is measured by the analyst, this will facilitate the natural deepening of the client into a state of hypnosis.

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