Memory Capacity/Recall

Our brains receive thousands upon thousands of tidbit pieces of information each and every day, so it is no wonder that we have a hard time remembering where we put our house keys and or our important tax documents we had filed away last month in a “safe” place. Wouldn’t it be nice if our brains could harbor information like a computer? Better yet, what if our brains could retrieve data, numbers, names and facts from stored memory as quickly as a computer? Guess what? Our brains can! In fact, our brain is the best computer ever made. If this is the case, why do I forget, you may ask? If our brain remembered every useless piece of information that it received from our environment, such as work, television, radio, friends, and family, we would be in information overload. We couldn’t go through the day without having a nervous break down. In the same way as our computer, we have to learn to ‘save’ the important information and delete all the other junk.

How can Hypnosis help with memory recall?

First the client is taught to prioritize his or her memory, to free up the ‘memory space’ from not really important things like remembering where one put the car keys, by creating habits, such as putting the keys in the same place everyday so as to not to overload the brain with the little things. Just as one’s toothbrush has a permanent spot in one’s bathroom, one’s keys or other personal items should have their own spot too, perhaps on a little shelf in our living room or on the nightstand. Secondly, post hypnotic suggestions would be designed to help the client remember all the more important information – such as school data, facts, numbers, names, and the use of the law of association to help in recalling from memory.

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