Having a baby is one of the most precious experiences there is for a woman who is ready to be a mother. Before she conceives, she may stress, worry, or have anxieties about the strength of her reproductive system. Oftentimes her busy mind could disrupt her internal nature and prevent a natural flow from transpiring.

With hypnosis, inner peace, balance, and harmony can be attained to create the kind of internal environment that she needs to conceive.

If you have ‘tried’ to conceive over and over again to no avail, hypnosis is an effective tool to assist you in letting go and fulfilling your dream of having your baby

Gestational Diabetes

High blood sugar (glucose) levels in pregnant women who were not diabetic prior to the pregnancy. It usually tends to surface in or around the third trimester of pregnancy. These high sugar levels are usually found during diagnostic tests of urine and blood samples. Gestational diabetes in mothers-to-be may present risks to newborn babies which could include: a larger than normal size baby which may lead to delivery complications, jaundice and low blood sugar in the baby. The mother is also at risk of developing type 2 diabetes after pregnancy.

How does gestational diabetes occur?

During pregnancy, the placenta produces increased levels of certain hormones that help shift nutrients from the mother to the developing fetus, therefore, leaving the mother's body defenseless when it comes to absorbing the food that she eats.

How can hypnosis help in overcoming or controlling gestational diabetes?

Controlling gestational diabetes is a two part process - educating the mother is first and foremost of primary importance. Expectant mothers have to be informed as to what to eat and what not to eat - this part of the process is crucial! On the other hand, hypnotherapy and guided imagery will be used to assist in turning excess sugar levels into energy. Guided Imagery will be taught to each client to continue to control the glucose level.


Going through pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful yet also one of the most stressful times in any woman’s life. During this time, not only is she contending with mental tension and stress but her body is going through just as much or more stress as well. She is eating for two, drinking for two, worrying for two and carrying the weight of two among other things. She also feels anxiety when she thinks about the actual occurrence of birth and the pain or harm this may cause to her and the baby. Her thoughts revolve around the desire and hope to have a healthy baby and that there be no complications during the pregnancy. What every mother-to-be should know is that every time her mind and body is going through these changes, it could also affect the baby inside her causing it to stress out as well.

How does hypnosis help with instilling a feeling of relaxation during pregnancy?

Going through hypnosis is actually like experiencing the epitome of relaxation – it is like going through an incredibly strong and effective internal massage which in essence helps a mother-to-be to live what is known as a “healthy” pregnancy. Hypnosis would also help the client to stick to the proper diet given by her doctor, and it would also provide her more physical energy and emotional and mental strength to go through each day. In addition, special techniques will be passed on to the client which she would use to help herself relax when she finds herself in a stressful situation – including possibly the most stressful and daunting time of all: the birth of the baby. Hypnosis has been proven greatly assist the client with coping with the thought, anxiety and/or pain of the actual birth itself. In this case, it is best to start hypnotherapy sessions at the beginning of the pregnancy, and then have periodic sessions at intervals during the pregnancy for maximum effect.

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