Sex / Romance Addiction

Men :   Do you find yourself having an uncontrollable desire for internet porn, porn shops, sex tapes, masturbation; having more and more sexual thoughts about the opposite sex, same sex and/or younger people? Do you find yourself wanting/ craving a higher number of sex partners or to regularly go to swinger’s clubs?

Women : Do you find yourself spending a large amount of time chatting online, looking for romance (just as in the movies or romantic books), daydreaming all the time about romance/fantasy sex, advertising yourself on dating sites (even though you may be married) looking for your 'soul mate' while feeling dissatisfied with your life, visiting sex sites, masturbating more and finding it harder and harder to reach a sexual climax even with the availability all the tools from the sex shops? Do you find yourself wanting/ craving more and more sex partners or to go to swinger’s clubs?

If your answer to most of the above is “yes”, you may have developed an addiction to sex/romance.

How can Hypnosis help conquer sex/ romance addiction?

Through the use of hypnotherapy, and after identifying the root cause for the client’s behavior, deprogramming techniques are applied for the release from the addiction itself so that the client is allowed to go on and live a normal life.

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