Sports & Talent Enhancement

One of my main specialties is taking struggling players/athletes or rookies who are new to the league and have great potential, but lack the necessary confidence in themselves and their game. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy and critic and thus we tend to sabotage ourselves. There are also instances where a player distinguishes him or herself in the high school and college games, but being in pro sports is literally a whole different ball game. To truly excel, we oftentimes need to, so to speak, “get out of our own way”. Through the use hypnotherapy strengthened by personal coaching, I assist these players in rebuilding their trust in themselves and their talent which in turn turns them into stars on and off the court.

Whether an athlete is suffering from analysis paralysis, a mental break down, problems in his or her personal life that affect performance, lacks confidence in performing great jump shots, lacks the mental toughness needed to win game after game or to come back from a deficit, is not aggressive enough on offense or defense, is dropping or fumbling the ball too often, has a suffering golf or bat swing, lacks a quick take off out of the blocks as a sprinter, or is suffering from an addiction to illegal or prescription drugs, I can be of assistance to them.

Additionally, it cannot be denied that one of the most daunting problems in the sports world today is that more and more athletes are using steroids to enhance their performance. So much so that it is hard not to listen to the sports channel without hearing at least one case. The pressure is on these athletes, especially top dollar ones, to perform at peak level. The more they are ‘in the zone’, the more they will fill stadiums with fans. This rings true not only of college and pro athletes - high schools are, in fact, becoming increasingly targeted as far as drug monitoring. One does not only find the football lineman battling for college scholarships, but also boys who simply want bigger biceps for the sake of gaining popularity with their peers.

To date, I have worked with high school players (track, baseball and football), pro golf players and also professional basketball players (NBA). However, if you are still in doubt about the effectiveness of hypnosis with athletes, you do not have to take my word for it. Below is a list of people who have used hypnosis to help them get in the ‘zone’:

I have also worked with several artists and musicians to be more in tune with their talent and craft and also to overcome anxiety and tension. In the glitzy world of stage performances, there are two absolutes that one must master – memory recall and stage fright. These two issues are critical to the success of a performer. Please read the section entitled “Public Speaking and Stage Fright” for more information.

How does Hypnotherapy work for the purposes of Sports or Talent enhancement?

Post suggestions, along with visualization and imagery, are designed to enhance an athlete’s performance by keeping him or her ‘in the zone’ during every game. Hypnotherapy allows an athlete to enhance his or her peak performance without any use of chemicals or drugs. In the case of stage performers, hypnotherapy sessions will be geared towards increasing memory recall and decreasing stage fright.

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