Pre / Post Surgery Relaxation

Just the thought of having to go through a surgery is enough to cause significant to extreme amounts of tension, anxiety and stress. It is inevitable and completely understandable for anyone who knows that he or she has to go under the knife and face the unknown to have such feelings. In such situations, the process of creating a feeling of relaxation, calm preparedness and reducing post-operatory pain can make this usually daunting and painful experience much more bearable on multiple levels physically, psychologically, emotionally and mentally.

How does hypnosis work with Pre-Post Surgery patients?

Using specific hypnosis techniques will instill a feeling of calmness and will teach a pre/ post Op client how to relax before, during and after surgery, depending on the circumstances. Hypnosis is also a very useful tool which has been proven to assist clients in experiencing post-op pain relief and also in healing much quicker after surgery.

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